Cider and Perry Menu

The New Union has a wide array of Cider’s and Perry’s, from around the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the year we won Westmorland CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year 2019. More recently we were honoured to receive the West Pennines CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year 2019 award. This has now entered us into the top 16 cider pubs across Great Britain with the pub currently being judged for the top 4 places. Cider is something our team are passionate about so if you can’t decide which cider is best for you, please speak to one of the team who will be able to assist.



Tutts Clump Cider – Oldbury UP 5.5% ABV – Berkshire

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Award winning proper cider made by hand in the old-fashioned way using eating and crab apples from West Berkshire.

Dry. Made from an old private orchard in South Glos.


Warf Distillery – Coachbuilder Passion Fruit UP 6.0% ABV – Buckinghamshire

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Small family run business blending apples from up to 100 privately owned orchards from within 15 miles of Milton Keynes into 100% juice cider Natural sugar (from cane or beet) in either granulated or liquid form and wild yeast fermentation Coachbuilder range and Hop in Cider use Stevia Glycoside (natural plant based sweetener) which mean those ciders are also suitable for diabetics All ‘fruit’ ciders comply with CAMRA definition and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colour agents.

Medium Sweet. Real juice cider using natural flavourings or extracts.


Bollhayes Cider – Vintage 6.0% ABV – Devon

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Produced by Alex Hill the founder of cider-making equipment manufacturer Vigo and long-time expert cider maker Sweetened with sucralose.

Medium. Traditional Devon cider apples matured in oak.





Cockeyed Cider – Devon Jasper 5.0% ABV – Devon

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

A traditional but contemporary cider made from traditional cider apples using ancient methods in their own mill in deepest darkest Devon Sweetened with natural sugar and mango made with concentrate.

Medium. session cider – crisp and refreshing.


Dorset Star – Sunset/Supernova UP/NS 5.5% ABV – Dorset

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Dan has managed the star-shaped orchard at Chalmington since 2013 and makes cider with 7 different apple varieties, uses wild yeast fermentation Any residual natural sweetness left and after fermenting to dry back sweetened with sugar as required.

Sweet blended still (Sunset) or sparkling (Supernova – Gold at Bath & West)


Lawrence’s Cider – Lawrence’s Cider UP 6.0% ABV – Dorset

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Cider from mainly hand picked bittersweet apples from local orchards matured in oak barrels for a unique smoky taste Sweetend by sucralose – a natural non calorific sweetener that has no after-taste and cannot initiate secondary fermentation.

Sweet, medium or dry traditional farm pressed cider.


Gwatkin – Foxwhelp UP 7.5% ABV – Hereford

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Set on a working farm in Abbey Dore the family own the apple and pear orchards that supply the fruit needed to make 100% juice cider and perry Sweetened by cane sugar and wild yeast fermentation.

Dry crisp single variety – One of oldest varieties recorded.




Thistly Cross Cider – Whisky Cask 6.9% ABV – Scotland

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Award-winning Scottish farmhouse cider from six hand-picked cider apple varieties.

Dry infused with vanilla oak of the Glen Moray casks.


Lilly the Pink – Herefordshire 4.5% ABV

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Winner of the Gold award at the International Cider Challenge 2018. Made using 100% cider apples, from our very own Herefordshire farm, Lily has an intense fruity aroma. This easy drinking cider is very quaffable! 

A medium fruity cider with a gorgeous delicate pink hue.


Heck’S – Port Wine Of Glastonbury 6.5% ABV – Somerset

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Fermented in oak barrels and sold draught from the wood.

True to its name, this cider has in origins in orchards below Glastonbury Tor. Easy on the palate, this is a true session cider with light effervesence and lemony tones.


Heck’s – Session Cider 4.2% ABV – Somerset

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

A medium cider with added Apple Juice to sweeten it up.



Heck’s – Blackney Red Perry 6.5% ABV – Somerset

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

The Hecks family have been making traditional Somerset cider from local farms’ apples in Street for 6 generations since 1840 Sweetened with sucralose, an artificial sweetener.

Medium single variety Perry made with Ba

Blackney Red Pears.


Gwynt Y Ddraig – Two Trees Perry 4.5% ABV – Wales

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

The world-renowned award winning Welsh cider and Perry producer – traditionally made on the farm in South Wales Sweetened with natural sugars

2015 Champion Perry of Britain fruity with a hint of Honey.


Broadoak Cider – Perry 7.5% ABV – Somerset

Pint – £4.00 Half – £2.00

Brian Blunt has been making real cider for over 25 years – don’t confuse this with any similarly named or branded concentrate – this is the real deal.

Sweet but incredibly refreshing with glorious fresh tasting pear and aroma.